Rotorua Museum Art Award

This is a very late to be posting, but here is my painting “The thief of dreams” which was accepted for the finals of the Rotorua Museum Art Award 2019. As the museum is still closed for earthquake repairs the exhibition was held in the Rotorua Energy Events Centre. It was a really interesting show.
the thief of dreams

Adam Portrait Award

I was really happy to get into the final of the 2018 Adam Portrait Award, with this painting of Faustinah Ndlovu, a friend in Rotorua. Originally from Zimbabwe, she is very active in the local community, and models sometimes for local artists. The exhibition is on in Wellington for several months and then tours several centres.

First post

Well, this is the first post on my new website. I will try and keep it regularly updated!
At the moment I am working towards several exhibitions, including an exhibition of small works, for which I am doing a few circular panels. Here is my first one – the peppers were grown in our garden. They were green when picked and while lying on the bench changed into such beautiful colour shades.
Unfortunately they never got used in the end, but at least I got a painting out of them, so they weren’t totally wasted.
Chilli peppers